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One-Shot RyoDa Fanfic: This Ain't Rocket Science Baby, This Is Love Sequel

Title: This Ain't Rocket Science Baby, This Is Love Sequel
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: R/NC-17
Genre: Romance & Smut
Word Count: 1.903
Summary: Their relationship maybe known as 0% but this time around Nishikido Ryo decides 0% is no longer an option and Ueda Tatsuya complies to what the other wants.
Author’s Note: This fanfic is rated R/NC-17 for strong language and graphic content. I normally do not write SMUT, but this time around I thought I would try it. This fanfic is a sequel to This Ain’t Rocket Science Baby, This Is Love and is pretty short, less than 2.000 words. Anyways, enjoy and comments are very much loved and appreciated -^_^-

The swift and fast jolt of Nishikido’s body had caught Ueda off-guard, almost chocking him ...
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction
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