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"Captain U" → 上田竜也 ♡

more than just a pretty face.

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Captain_U @ LJ: An Ueda Tatsuya Community
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Welcome to Captain U, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the Ueda Tatsuya bit of a Japanese boy band called KAT-TUN.

He sings, dances pretty damn well, writes amazing music and has mad piano skills. He likes boobs and open shoes but despises shrimp and being ordered around. He has a burning passion for kickboxing and, goodness, you should see what it has done to his body.

He is also sometimes referred to as Tat-chan, Uebo, Uepi and, back in the golden days when he was still the official leader of KAT-TUN, Captain U. He cannot cook to save his life, trips a lot, is dorky, insanely random, easy to like and mostly just really sparkly. Also, he claims to be able to see fairies. Could he get any more amazing? *O* (And if we're really gonna answer that, yes. He gets more and more amazing each day. ♥)

Pimp Post I * Pimp Post II * Pimp Post III

Ueda Tatsuya as "Romeo" @ Romeo & Juliet 2009
March 4 - April 5

Ueda Tatsuya Live @ MOUSE PEACE 2008
September 8 - September 21

hall of fame;

1ST PLACE: Fetish by resha_hime
2ND PLACE: Cause Pink Is the Love You Discover by tatoeba
3RD PLACE: Just Don't Question It by by xplodey_di

rules & posting guidelines;

01. Let's start with the glaringly obvious, ne. No bashing of Ueda/anyone related to Ueda/any member of the community. Everytime you initiate/engage in drama and unfunny wank, a fairy stops existing. So save the fairies and play nice!

02. Learn how and when to use a LiveJournal cut. Spoilers, lengthy posts and all images larger than 320px (in width) must be kept under a cut.

03. All materials taken from other sites must be given proper credit. If you don't know who to credit then at least make an official statement somewhere that you are not claiming the materials as your own.

04. A maximum of three (3) preview graphics for icons/ wallpapers/ site headers/ etc. will be allowed outside the cut. The rest must be kept under.

05. All advertisments, sales posts and fanfiction must directly involve Ueda. He can not just be a side-character or part of a side-pairing. There's jent_fanfics and kattun_fanfics for that. Irrelevant posts will be deleted without warning.

06. Please minimize the use of colorful text and/or sTiCkY cApS. They ruin the flow of the layout. Ueda cries for every unpretty thing posted in his community, so don't. :(

07. Tag your posts accordingly. Remember that the more detailed, the better. :D

08. Posting friendslocked links will not be permitted. Advertisement posts containing the links may be locked but the actual links must remain open to anyone who wants to view the content. If you feel uncomfortable about random strangers going through your stuff, posting them to public communities is probably not the best way to go.




moderating team;

Ionne → founder ionnesaysrawr
Kon → ex-moderator, koneho
Ginny → head moderator, ravyn_ashling, contact?
Pippa → moderator/community slave, yararanger, contact?

disclaimer & credits;

Captain U and its founder/moderators are in no way affiliated with Ueda Tatsuya or Johnny's Entertainment. It is merely a community created by a bunch of fans in an attempt to spread the love and keep it burning.

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